Praise for The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion

“An insightful exploration of the powerful capacities of the mind-body connection and its inherent link with perception.”

“This is a landmark book that presents a picture of consciousness that is far more majestic than anything conceived in conventional neuroscience. Based in solid science, this bold effort will challenge anyone who reads it with an open mind. Highly recommended.”


"Jawer has collected a unique body of data on environmental sensitivity, which has great relevance to human health and psychology. He puts together this data and his original ideas on emotion very persuasively in The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion. I highly recommend this well-written and accessible book.”

“Highly readable, informative, provocative, profound.”

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion is truly unique in its combination of scientific breakthrough regarding the biology of emotions and anomalous experience, the sensate basis of what we call the 'self', the bodily roots of spiritual experience, and a host of other fascinating phenomena. This is a book for the 21st century that will open and enlarge our minds, hearts, and spirits. I recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their thinking and their humanity.”

“Jawer and Micozzi give us remarkable insights into the role of the body in health and illness. Along the way, they articulate one of the most profound understandings of consciousness since Descartes. The book brings Antonio Damasio’s ‘feeling brain’ into full embodiment. It is a monumental contribution to understanding ourselves as human beings.”

“I agree completely with your thesis from what I’ve observed from the many case reports we receive from the general public, plus a monthly Paranormal Experience Group at our Center, and from my experience as a clinical psychologist.”

“Important findings… they could open up a whole new field of research.”

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion presents a unique and often arresting view of such topics as mind, body, memory, illness, perception, and emotion. Jawer has brought together an unusual array of seemingly unrelated facts and experiences, which come together to show us an altogether novel way of understanding who we are and what we’re about. There’s more to being human than we ever imagined, and this book is an excellent roadmap for anyone who wants to take that journey.”

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